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Narander Art Experience is a new gallery project founded and opening in 2024. The focus is on various areas of the contemporary art world. The main goal of the project is to to expand the perception of art, to introduce new and unexpected, even provocative positions and to formulate new discussions, positions and views. The gallery is located in Cologne's harbor area, the Rheinauhafen, embedded in modern, contemporary architecture. The Kranhaus eins won the architecture prize in 2009. The architectural surroundings give the place its own and unique design experience, which is also reflected in the gallery's exhibitions on historical influences of social modernity and contemporary architectureevalid.


Art is there to wash the dust of everyday life from the soul.” 

Pablo Picasso
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Quote from founder Akash Narander:

I am a passionate gallery founder. For me, art is more than just a hobby or a job. Art is a language that connects people, that awakens emotions, that encourages us to dream and think. Art is a form of communication that goes beyond words.

I opened my gallery in Rheinauhafen because I believe this place has a special atmosphere. The port is itself a great architectural achievement, combining history and modernity. There are many people here who appreciate and collect art, who are interested in culture and are open to new impulses.

I would like to bring more life to the Rheinauhafen with my gallery. I want to create a place where art lovers and artists can meet and exchange ideas. Cologne has a long tradition as an art location; The gallery is my contribution to strengthening and promoting the art scene in Cologne. I want to show the diversity and quality of the art that is created and can be seen here.

My gallery offers rooms for exhibitions and events. I present both established and young artists from different areas and styles. I'm always looking for new talent and exciting projects. 

I cordially invite you to visit my gallery and be inspired by the art for yourself. Art is for everyone. Art brings us together.

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